The idea of producing fruit vodka (distillate from fruit) from Guria and the revival of this time-tested distillation process belongs to Goche Chchaidze. In Georgia and abroad, he is well known for his other successful brands of the Ascaneli Brothers Company.
“Anaseuli mill” was founded in 2015.Launched in the Georgian village of Anaseuli as a manufacturer and processor of high quality fruits collected from the entire Guria region, “Anaseuli mill” has built a distillery and started production of a unique organic product – the fruit vodka from Guria, which has already become one of the prestigious brands of the company. The Anaseuli fruit distillate collection is based on ancient Georgian national receipts and distillation processes.
Anaseuli fruit distillate is:
• clean climate of the mountain village, which is risen over 2,000 meters above sea level;
• organic and freshly-picked fruits;
• pure spring water;
• ancient Georgian national recipes.