A well-known company “Murviedro” starts its history in 1927. For almost 100 years the company has won the reputation for producing the highest quality authentic Spanish wines.
Nowadays “Murviedro” is one of the top 200 wine manufacturers in the world and one of Spain’s leading wine exporters. Murviedro wines have won worldwide consumer recognition and numerous awards, grand prizes at the most prestigious international competitions and exhibitions. Murviedro has its own vineyards and wineries and produces wines of 100% origin in the best regions of Spain. With no exception, Murviedro wines are controlled by origin. Murviedro produces only high-quality wines with a grade higher than D.O. The secret into line with such high standards lies in their tremulous approach to their own vineyards. It is well known that good wine begins with quality grapes. Paying tribute to the ancient land, Murviedro specialists take care of old vines on their own roots, many of them have from 30 to 70 years ! Murviedro is a perfect choice, where under one brand anyone can find a variety, but always high-quality distinctive Spanish wines, that will allow you to enjoy the skills of famous winemakers and even to taste Spain to taste.