Dideli. Born in Georgia!
Ancient and legendary, glorified in verses Georgia, gives to all admirers a noble drink Dideli. Dideli blend was created by the highly qualified craftsmen of «Bolero Company», the largest wine-cognac holding company in Georgia, which supplies cognac spirits all over the world, including France. «Bolero Company» has its own vineyards and factories in Kakheti for wine and brandy production. Its products are highly recognized by professionals and juries at international competitions. Dideli Production is located in Kakheti’s historical wine region.
Kakheti is the pearl of Georgian winemaking, the most fertile region in Georgia. Kakheti cognacs differ in distinct varietal scent and bouquet and rich dark amber color, high extractivity and roundness. High quality cognacs come from grapes that are cultivated in Kakheti. Dideli is a distinctive Georgian brand, which is well-known for its high-quality products that are characterized by bright and at the same time refine taste and rich aroma. Dideli is made by ancient traditional technology, which is famous for its softness and smoothness.