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To create cognac is like a real art, in which you can be restricted only by the knowledge of the rules. Even simultaneously aged alcohols are often different in taste, color and aroma. It all stays on the "three pillars": the quality of taken alcohols, the experience blend master and... the creative inspiration. "Tigran" is an Armenian cognac, which has appeared precisely because of this trinity.

Armenian cognac "Tigran" is a special cognac. Indeed, in its creation there participated the authentic French elite grape sorts specially imported to Armenia from France in the 70s of the last century and they were grown here in the Ararat valley: Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard. The most exquisite and expensive cognacs are produced from these sorts - their bouquet is filled with lots of flavors, and the taste is characterized by a special "aristocracy" that differs high class cognac from "just good" one.

But the key components of cognac "Tigran" are "old" Cognacs of 30 years aging in oak barrels made of  French oak. They are present in all collections, at each bottle without exception. The presence of high-quality alcohol in the blend is the majeure note that emphasizes the special status of Armenian cognac "Tigran". Premium!



Armenian cognac "Tigran" is consistent with its royal names (Tigran - the name of the Great King of Great Armenia, a major general and a brave warrior), it is bright and courageous. In other words it is RIPE. The original strength is replaced by duet of fresh fruit notes and typical "oak" tartness. Taste of "Tigran" is a "taste" of the Ararat valley, its spirit. So majestic and multifaceted it is. And this is not surprising, because it is made with a blend of 30-years-old alcohols! "It is impossible to get the strength and subtlety at the same time", perhaps you will say. "It is not possible... until you feel the taste of "Tigran"