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Los Monteros

Harmony of Spanish traditions and unique energy of Valencian soul turns into a unique wines of Los Monteros. Being uniquely fragrant, they have refined taste and you will like it from the very first sip.
TM Los Monteros is owned by Bodegas Murviedro, and is considered to be one of the best wine producers in the world as well as a leading exporter of wine in Spain.
Bodegas Murviedro is derived from the old family winery called Bodegas Schenk, which is considered the powerful leader of the wine market in Europe. Its independent history of the company began almost a century ago, back in 1927. Today Bodegas Murviedro has an ultra-modern winery and research laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, ancient cellars and its own vineyards in the regions of controlled origin. Using the latest developments in winemaking, Bodegas Murviedro at the same time continues to follow the old family traditions. Thanks to the combination of traditions, creative recipes and technological innovations company produces unique vintage wines of the highest quality.

Aspiring to unsurpassed uniqueness of its wines, Bodegas Murviedro constantly experiments and improves its own technologies. These wines are created by experienced winemakers, true experimenters and inspired people, who are working both with passion as well as with pleasure. They are passionate about their work and are completely devoted to it. For them, the winemaking is a subtle art that requires looseness of thought and the ability to dream. And their dream is to create a completely unique, perfect wine with an extraordinary bouquet. With the help of numerous experiments and careful tests they are going to create unforgettable drink. The magic of this creative process is literally mesmerizing...
Los Monteros - is not just a good Spanish wine, it is a true poetry of Valencian flavor and aroma. Wines Los Monteros have their own unique character. Created with real passion, they absorbed the flavor of temperamental Valencia and embodied the spirit of its inhabitants. After all Valencians are the people with ardent soul, warm hearts and bright personality. And all these qualities are reflected in a luxurious wine collection Los Monteros full-bodied wines that have a unique and original fine bouquet and a delicious aroma. The uniqueness of the wine collection of Los Monteros is reflected in the conceptual image of the product. Exclusive bottle of sophisticated, elegant shape with stylized wood texture emphasizes the natural origin of the brand. The style purity complements the exquisite label of a natural material, the cork bark. Los Monteros is the only wine that has such a unique label.

For about 4 years Los Monteros has been considered to be the fastest growing wine brand in Spain. Excellent taste characteristics and high quality of its products have been confirmed by many awards received at prestigious international competitions. Los Monteros wines are very popular all over the world. They take a leading position as to the purchase volume and sales geography.



Los Monteros goes a long way, before it turns into a noble wine with a unique taste. Grapes used for wine Los Monteros is gathered at own company vineyards. The vines are cut on a unique methodology: on each bush only two (!) bunches are left. It allows the vineyards to give a very small amount of grapes, but its quality is really rather high. The concentration allows creating full-bodied, volume, rich aroma of wine. From amazing sort palette of indigenous temperamental characteristics, which are bright, as Spain itself, as well as from the sorts, which are considered to be quite European as well as noble and sophisticated, grown in ideal conditions of Valencia, the professionals create incredible combinations. By the way for each sort there is an individual and elaborated techniques of berries processing and wine aging, according to which the opens its taste perfectly. For example, some sorts of wine are maturing in open oak barrels, the others are maturing in two barrels of American and French oak, enriching by subtle shades of unique taste and flavor of each barrels. The technologies for each wine are chosen individually according to the maceration methods as well as the fermentation temperatures. These technologies allow to obtain a completely unique wines with exquisite taste and aroma, and original ideas are supported by studies in a specialized laboratory, where all the nuances and details are elaborated carefully, as the slightest negligence will spoil hopelessly the future work of the winemaking art.
The result of this creative exploration is a new wine, a product of the original form and unique taste and flavor, which is considered to be admirable thanks to the talented professionals of the company. Each bottle of wine Los Monteros has its own history and its own soul.